Stylish Ways To Make Your Braces Less Noticeable

There’s no such thing as an ugly smile. But if you wear braces, chances are you do occasionally wish your smile was a little less…er, flamboyantly shiny. Have you talked to your orthodontist about invisible brace options? (Check here to find an orthodontist in your neighborhood.)

But maybe you can’t afford new braces. Or maybe you just want less focus on them and more on you. Whatever your reasons, these simple hacks are definitely going to take attention away from your braces – and up your style game in the process.

New hair. New you.

Changing your hairstyle can take attention away from your mouth, drawing people’s eyes towards other parts of your face. Short hair is great for drawing attention towards your jawline. Bangs, on the other hand, will shift focus to your eyes (so start stocking up on that mascara). If you don’t want to change the length of your hair (many people are strangely averse to it), you could always try changing the colour: now’s the time to go crazy because there’s nothing like a shock of pink hair on your head to take the spotlight off the braces in your mouth.

If you don’t like the thought of cutting or colouring your hair, experiment with different styling options. Got straight hair? Get a curling iron. Or try out a new way to braid your hair. It’s really as easy as that.

Makeup to the rescue once again.

Ladies, where would we be without makeup? Concealer, for example, has helped many women with a nasty zit through a big date. Imagine life without it. We’d be on that date, yes, but miserably conscious of the big red pimple (or worse, yellow) strategically placed at the tip of our nose. Okay, let’s face it. We wouldn’t be on the date, we’d be at home in pyjamas with an ineffective face pack on.

The point here is that makeup has come to our rescue again and again. And no matter how, er, bright your braces are, they’re no match for the power of makeup.

To move attention away from your mouth, use bold eyeliner and bright eye shadow. Explore colours like blue, green and purple. The smokey eye is also a great option here – everyone will be so busy drooling over your smouldering eyes, they won’t even notice you have braces in the first place. If you do want to use lipstick, stay away from gloss. (It can stain your braces and that is not a good look.) Go for a matte finish in neutral shades instead.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Bright glasses or sunglasses are always a great option for drawing attention to your eyes. Just please don’t wear sunglasses indoors, okay? Okay. Some other great accessories to make braces less noticeable? Earrings. The bigger, the bolder, the better. Don’t forget the hats, hair bands and bows either – no one’s going to be looking at your mouth when they’re squealing about that adorably quirky barrette you’re wearing.

As you can see, there are loads of options. But like we said, there’s no such thing as an ugly smile.

Even if it’s metal-coloured. With bits of wire sticking out.

Really. Trust us on this one.

That’s why, as always, the best way to carry off your braces is to carry them with confidence. You’ve got this.