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Dental Care:  2023-Nov-07

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The latest in braces

brace technologies

Read about the latest technologies and trends in the world of braces. We’ve got a range of information as wide the smile you’re going to have once you’re done exploring. Click here to start.

Brace yourself for the future

reason to need braces

If you have an abnormal “bite”, then you probably need braces. This will help you avoid things much worse than your dentist: such as gum disease, tooth loss and a bunch of other horrific things. Click here to know more.

You don't need to grit your teeth

what to expect

Do braces hurt? (No, they don’t.) What are the different treatment options? (Loads.) Can you still eat chocolate? (Um.) Click here to find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Frequently Asked

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What is the average time frame you have to wear braces?

The average time frame that braces have to be worn for is around 18 months to 2 years. Depending on your condition though, it may be longer. For a closer estimate we recommend visiting your local orthodontist.

Can I order braces online?

Braces cannot be ordered online. Braces need to be professionally fit by a licensed orthodontist. Our main purpose is to connect users (yourself) with local orthodontist.

How much will it cost?

Braces are unique to each individual and each procedure is different in complexity and price. In general the price really depends on the condition of your teeth.

Right now we are only connecting users (yourself) to local services and we do our best to try and help people find the best solution available for their needs.